Recommended Trustees

Personal Bankruptcy

Adamson & Associates Inc.
A. Farber & Partners Inc.
Alan Lawson, Fisher Inc.
BDO Dunwoody Limited
Diane E. Couture
Crawford, Smith & Swallow
D. & A. Macleod Company Ltd.
Debtor Consulting Services Ltd.
Deloitte & Touche Inc.
Dorland & Dorland
Doyle Salewski Inc.
Frank J. Jaglowitz
Grant Thornton Limited
Hobbs & Co. Inc.
Hoyes & Associates Inc.
James Hunter & Associates Inc.
Mandelbaum Spergel Inc.
Murray H. Kideckel
Paddon + Yorke Inc.
PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc.
Richard Killen & Associates Ltd.
Robert Rusinek & Associates Inc.
Cyril Sapiro
Business Bankruptcy

BDO Dunwoody Limited
D. & A. MacLeod Company Ltd.
Doyle Salewski Inc.
Deloitte & Touche Inc.
Ernst & Young Inc.
Grant Thornton Limited
PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc.

Other Superlative Legal Practitioners in Toronto

Aaron Harnett - Criminal Law
Earl Levy - Criminal Law
William Trudell - Criminal Law
Edward Sapiano - Criminal Law
Tom Bastedo - Family Law
Phil Epstein - Family Law
Paulette Hayes - Family Law
Sanjeco Mitra - Bankruptcy
Brandon Jaffe - Bankruptcy

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